Sunday, November 10, 2013


Oh, man!!!  Last nights concert was a blast, they totally rocked!!!!  Charlie was sooooooooooo awesome, as usual, and I love Ming he was awesome too, Mary, Sara, Victor, Samvel...everyone there.

Every time it gets better and better.  It was full, it was full of energy.  I wonder why I have no voice this morning ;) and my hands were slightly numbed last night, but who cares, right?........  :) We sent him our love as always, I know he felt it, he said so himself.  I know he is much loved around the world as well.  We can't wait until next year to see him again.

We got a hug and a daughter was so excited when she saw him come out of the elevator...LOL

Stephanie:  You must be Yanni!?
Yanni:         I must be!!!

LOL!!!!  And I was so nervous, when he came up to me I didn't know what to do with him, hug him or don't hug him......YEAH!!!  hug and kiss...wooohooooo!!!!! I wanted to tell him I was the wife he didn't know he had here....LOOL!

I called Ming after the show but he couldn't hear me or Stephanie, I was already out of voice...maybe next time.  Hopefully we get to chat a little with Ming and Charlie next year some how.


I'll try to post some pics, unfortunately my battery died practically at the beginning of the show. But, I will get some to post here later on.

Sherry, I missed you, hope to see next year. You better make DAGNABIT!!!! Oh, Sherry, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!

Great to see Cyndi, Beth, Connie, Jackie, Arnaldo and family and a new friend from Brazil, Luciano and of course Krystal!!!

Until next time.

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